Best in Shows--Q2 2019

Geek Films, by ICv2

All the geek films this quarter.
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IDW to Publish Lion Forge in Print

'Airwolf' and 'Knight Rider' First Titles

First releases will be Airwolf and Knight Rider adaptations.
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'Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 12' Expansions

In February

Newest ships for space combat game in February.
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'Dragon Age: Set 3'

Green Ronin Reveals Plans for 2014

Updated information on RPG releases for 2014.
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'Yu-Gi-Oh! Noble Knights' Box Set

New Key Cards Included

Release includes new key Noble Knight cards. 
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Japanime Games Goes Exclusive

In Canada

Japanime Games now has exclusive distribution in Canada.
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NECA/WizKids Owner Buys Hastings

After Court Ruling

With the lifting of the Temporary Restraining Order, the acquisition closed.
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Marvel Launching New 'Cap' Series

With New Captain America

Sam Wilson, f/k/a Falcon, will be Captain America.
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'Power Rangers' Script Gets 'X-Men' Treatment

Movie Penned by 'X-Men: First Class' Team

Film penned by writing team from X-Men: First Class.
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'TMNT,' 'Ghostbusters' Team Up

Epic 80s Crossover Finally Happens

IDW Publishing finally makes epic 80s crossover a reality this fall.
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'Mouse Guard: Baldwin the Brave and Other Tales'

In November

New collection from Archaia in November.
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Hugo Pratt's 'Corto Maltese'

Under New IDW EuroComic Imprint

IDW EuroComics first release will be complete translated collection.
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