Many questions are answered on the site. This help section will help you understand how the site is organized and how to search for information. If you can't find what you want on the site and want to contact us directly, e-mail

Departments of the site:

There are three main departments of the site, all accessible from the navigation buttons across the top of each page, as well as via links from the side navigation bars.

News -- This contains brief articles summarizing current news events that affect the world of pop culture products. The home page usually will feature the headlines and a brief description for some of each day's top news stories. Recent news headlines also appear in the News area of the side navigation. To access all of the news stories for the day, click on the News button in the top nav, and you'll be taken to the News area. To read individual articles, simply click on the headline and you'll be taken to the full article page. All articles from the past remain accessible in response to searches for information (see below).

Talk Back -- This department contains writings by our users, primarily but not always retailers, commenting on news and information reported on ICv2 (click here for information on submitting your comments). New Talk Back articles will sometimes be featured on the home page. Headlines will always be visible in the Talk Back box in the side navigation. Also, to access all of the current Talk Back articles, just click on the Talk Back button in the top nav and you'll be taken to the Talk Back area. To read individual articles, simply click on the headline and you'll be taken to the full article page. All articles from the past remain accessible in response to searches for information (see below).

News by Date:

Clicking on the "News by Date" button at the top of the site will take you to a list of articles, with brief abstracts, laid out in the order in which they were published. This allows you to look at articles published since the last time you visited the site, from most recent to oldest.

On the right side of most pages, there's a blue box with other "News by Date" links. These links are arranged by category, so you can view the articles published recently in each of our categories--comics, games, anime, toys, and movie/TV products.

Product categories:

ICv2 currently provides primary coverage of five major product categories, representing distinct sub-markets within the larger market for pop culture products. Here are those categories, along with the short form names for them we use when space is limited:

Action figures, models and statues (Toys)

Anime, manga, and Japanese imports (Anime)

Collectible card and roleplaying games (Games)

Comics and graphic novels (Comics)

Movie and TV merchandise (Movie/tv)

How to search for information:

Whether you're searching for information on a company, a product, a property, or a person, our powerful search engine can find what you need. Enter a keyword -- a portion of a title, a person's name, a property -- in the search box in the upper left of each page and enter return or click on the arrow. You'll then get a search results page that shows your results, sorted by date. There's a link near the top of the search results page to sort by relevance if you prefer.

You can also sub-divide your search results into articles or products. At the top of the search results page, immediately below the sentence that tells you how many total pages came up in your search, you'll see how many of those were article pages or product pages. You can click on either of those to see only the results of that type.

If you search for multiple words, you will be returned only articles or products in which both words appear. Our search engine does not currently support Boolean operators (e.g., the words "and," or "or" between terms in a search). We are always searching for a multi-word phrase as if the word "and" appeared between the words in the search.

We have two quick search menus on most pages -- one in the upper left under the search box and one in the lower right. They're lists of some of the most commonly searched terms on our site. Click any of those words to be quickly taken to a search results page for that term.

If you're searching and can't find what you need:

Check your spelling. If you're not getting any results and can't believe it, check to make sure you're spelling the term for which you're searching correctly.

Try an alternative word. If you're using a common abbreviation (e.g., Spidey), try spelling out the word. If you're using the long term (e.g., Dungeons and Dragons), try a common abbreviation. Or try another term that's associated with the same product or other search topic (e.g., search for the brand or character instead of the specific product).

Use fewer words. If you're searching for multiple words and aren't getting the results you need, try shortening your search to just the most important word in the phrase for which you're searching. You'll get more results and can narrow it down from there.

More help. Here is a group of links to different areas of the site that may help you find the information you need:

"Faqs" stands for "frequently asked questions," and you may find the answer to your question there.

About ICv2 contains background on the site, the people that work on it, and the company.

Press Room contains our press releases and contact information for members of the press.

Privacy is where you'll find our privacy policies regarding information we collect on our users.

Terms of Use describes the legal foundation for the relationship between ICv2 and its users.

Register for a free gift, to subscribe to our newsletter, and to get access to industry-only areas of the site.

Send us a tip, submit story ideas, or send us press releases.

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