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From Marvel Comics
April 15, 2016
Here is a preview of Civil War II #1, from Marvel Comics.
Overdue Enhancement or Sign of the Apocalypse?
April 11, 2016
Marvel will use a heavier cover stock and metallic ink for all of the issues of its flagship event book for 2016, the company announced today.
Including Work by Azzarello, Brubaker, Chaykin, Hickman, Remender, and Zub
April 06, 2016
On the eve of Emerald City Comic Con, Image hosted an Image Expo event in Seattle today, announcing new titles for Summer and beyond.
With Exclusive Items
March 28, 2016
Marvel Comics has announced plans for in-store Civil War II launch parties.
From C2E2
March 21, 2016
At C2E2, Marvel Comics announced several new tie-in series and promotions for its upcoming summer event.
For 'Civil War II'
March 18, 2016
After releasing a number of teasers about the upcoming Civil War II event, which debuts on Free Comic Book Day, Marvel today revealed the members of the two opposing teams in two new teaser images.
'Civil War II: X-Men' Announced
March 08, 2016
Marvel is gearing up its promotions and reveals for its big summer event, Civil War II .
Also Debuts an All-New Wasp
January 15, 2016
Marvel has announced the release of a free preview of its summer Civil War II crossover event in the first of its two FCBD offerings.
In 'Civil War II'
January 10, 2016
Marvel laid plans to kill off a “major superhero” in Civil War II at a recent editorial retreat.
Ranks #1-500
January 08, 2016
The bestselling graphic novels in the comic store channel for 2015.
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