Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has released the first photo from Gore Verbinski’s adaptation of The Lone Ranger, which is due in theaters on May 31st, 2013, and it’s clear that Johnny Depp is up to his old flamboyant tricks again.  Jay Silverheels, who played a buckskin-clad Tonto in the long-running Lone Ranger TV series, may be turning over in his grave in reaction to the face-painted, crow-adorned look that Depp, who looks as if he may have studied the Teutonic Knights in Eisenstein’s Alexander Nevsky a little too closely, has adopted.
As for Armie Hammer, he looks positively conventional in comparison with his dark suite, white hat and prominent badge.  While he may be a little overdressed in comparison to Clayton Moore slightly more light-colored western garb in the 1950s TV series, this photo leaves little doubt that he will be playing the “straight man” to Depp’s gypsy scarf and crow-clad Tonto.