Marvel Studios has released a new group of stills from Joss Whedon’s The Avengers that show the expansive interior of the movie’s Helicarrier.  Whedon’s superhero team-up movie is set to debut on May 4th, and is considered one of this summer movie season’s safer bets.  These latest stills come on the heels of previous visual tidbits released by the studio that remind us that the premiere of The Avengers is just six weeks away (see “The Avengers Character Posters” and “Avengers Banner Posters”).
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These new images (and others) showed up on the Comic Book Movie site.  In addition to the new shot of Black Widow, there is also a potent close-up of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.
Here’s a shot of Mark Ruffalo working on a strange device.

Here’s a group of Avengers marching through the Helicarrier.

Here is Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) on the Helicarrier bridge.
Here’s a shot of the Helicarrier’s spacious interior.