Warner Bros. has released a half-a-dozen new images from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, the final film in the director’s Batman trilogy, which debuts nationwide on July 20th.  The new image dump follows hard on the heels of the high-res photo released yesterday of Anne Hathaway in her skintight Catwoman suit (see "Does She Put the Sensuality in 'The Dark Knight Rises'?").  Hathaway figures prominently in the images released today in the summer movie issue of Entertainment Weekly, which include a shot in which she appears to be demonstrating her considerable safecracking skills.
No one could ever accuse Batman/Bruce Wayne of not keeping up with the times. Here the Dark Knight appears to have a tablet computer (should it be called the “Batpad” or perhaps the “bPad”).
In this shot Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) consults with Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).
Here’s a great shot of the movie’s chief villain Bane (Tom Hardy) in the midst of what looks like a takeover.

Here Selena Kyle (Hathaway) dances with Bruce Wayne.

Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Gotham City beat cop John Blake.