Photos that leaked from the set of Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger reveal Johnny Depp’s complete Tonto get-up.  Although it appears that the photo shows Depp’s stunt double rather than the actor himself, the costume with its elaborate "Crow" headdress and extensive body painting is necessarily the same for both actor and stand-in.
Ever since Depp’s Tonto look, which is far more “radical” than the Jay Silverheels buckskins that most Lone Ranger fans are familiar with from the old TV series, was revealed in early March (see "Is That the Crow?  No It’s Johnny Depp as Tonto"), the reason that this movie appealed to the eccentric actor enough that he took a pay cut in order to get the film greenlit, has been apparent (see "'The Lone Ranger' Movie Set").
Comic Book Movie snagged the behind-the-scenes set photos from the Disney Lone Ranger film that is now slated for release on May 31st, 2013.