Sega America has begun promoting the American release of its newest Playstation 3 and PS Vita game, Hatsune Miku--Project DIVA F 2nd, the latest project starring Crypton Future Media "cybercelebrity" Hatsune Miku, which will present another opportunity for tie-in merch for the Japanese Vocaloid.  The rhythm game features a total of 40 songs sung by various Vocaloids (Yowane Haku, Akita Neru, Kasane Teto, as well as Miku). 
The virtual pop star recently made her first American network television appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman on October 8th, where she sang "Sharing the World."  The video has recorded over 1.6 million hits in two weeks on YouTube.  The singer was promoting her October concert appearances in LA and New York. 
Bushiroad released the Hatsune Miku Project Diva f expansion for its Weiss Schwarz card game last year (see "New 'Project Diva' Expansion"), and Ultra PRO signed an agreement this summer to produce a complete series of trading card and tabletop game accessories featuring Miku and other vocaloid singers this summer ("Ultra PRO to Produce Game Accessories Featuring 'Hatsune Miku'").

Dark Horse released Hasune Miku: Unofficial Hatsune Mix in August, an omnibus of the manga adventures of Miku and her friends, drawn by her original illustrator KEI (see "Interview with Dark Horse Manga Editor Carl Horn, Part 2").