Gale Force Nine will release two promotional bonus packs for its Firefly: The Game to trade in June. 
Originally the Big Damn Heroes cards and the card/ship for The Artful Dodger were promotional giveaways with preorder copies from ACD Distribution and in Alliance Distribution’s Game Trade Magazine respectively.  Both promotional products are already available for sale in the GF9 online store for $10.00 each.
Firefly: Artful Dodger introduces a fifth playable ship to the game.  A modded Series III Firefly, The Artful Dodger is a nimble ship that starts with a faster drive core and has more space for crew.  MSRP is $12.00.

The Firefly: Promo Card Pack contains seven cards, and will have an MSRP of $12.00. The pack will include the original five cards from the Big Damn Heroes pack, plus the "Mal’s Pretty Floral Bonnet" promo card from Thinkgeek, and the "Wash’s Lucky Dinosaur" card given away on the GF9 website. 
Gale Force Nine adopted the policy of releasing promotional material to a general audience after a period of time when customer requests showed demand existed for promotional cards for their Spartacus board game.  "As Gale Force Nine has expanded into producing quality boardgames, one of the most enjoyable things has been releasing promotional cards and other items at shows, through online competitions, and through our retail partners," the said in a statement on their website.
"However, we’ve seen numerous comments on social media from people disappointed to miss out on these cards (and other items).  The last thing we want is for these fun add-on items to become a source of resentment for customers who missed out because they were not in a position to take part in the promotions."
"So our official policy in the future will be to release all promotional cards for sale from our web-store, after a suitable period.  That way everyone wins: participants in promotions get early access to add-on cards and materials, and everyone else is able to purchase them after a few months."
The Firefly: Promo Card Pack has been available on the Gale Force Nine website since March.  This will be the first trade release. 
GF9 recently released a full expansion for Firefly: The Game (see "'Firefly: The Game--Pirates & Bounty Hunters'").