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'Kong on the Planet of the Apes'
August 09, 2017
BOOM! Studios will release a new crossover miniseries uniting the titans of primate pop culture.
Projects Profit for First Half of 2017
August 03, 2017
CMON made a $1.02 million after-tax profit in 2016, on $20.96 million in sales.
Week of July 18, 2017
July 16, 2017
This week’s home entertainment offerings include the first film in Legendary Pictures’ Monsterverse , a bloody apotheosis of the modern action film, a Japanese-animated series based on the Valerian graphic novels that inspired Luc Besson’s new film,
Releasing into Trade Following GameStop Exclusive
July 03, 2017
Popular characters from Nintendo's Super Mario series are now appearing in a special Monopoly Gamer edition
Early June Geek Movie Roundup
June 02, 2017
The beginning of the month has brought a hoard of geek movie news.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
May 30, 2017
Salkowitz looks at the state of Hollywood movie franchises as the summer tentpole season kicks off.
GRRM Shares Details On His Blog
May 16, 2017
George R.R. Martin took to his blog to reveal details about the Game of Thrones spinoffs and announcing that a fifth series and writer had been added to his cohort.
Peanuts, Stan Lee, FUNimation
May 15, 2017
We’ve seen a spate of geek culture merger and acquisition activity recently, and we round it up here.
From HBO and GRRM
May 04, 2017
HBO has inked deals with several writers to join fantasy maestro George R.R. Martin in developing four Game of Thrones offshoot series.
'Unforgettable' & 'The Promise' Bomb
April 23, 2017
Universal’s Fate of the Furious dropped 61% in its second weekend, but still lapped its competitors several times as newcomers Unforgettable and The Promise both bombed and the top three spots on the charts remained unchanged. The total of the top 12 fil
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