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Sales Estimates for April Based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data
May 07, 2018
These are estimates of the sales on graphic novels by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during April 2018.
From Dynamite Entertainment
May 04, 2018
Here's a preview of Sheena: Queen of the Jungle Vol. 1 TP , published by Dynamite Entertainment.
As Comics and Graphic Novel Sales Surge
May 04, 2018
Comics and graphic novel sales surged 11.08% vs. the previous year in April.
Dynamite Releases Kid-Friendly Tie-In for Hit Mobile Game
April 29, 2018
Dynamite will release a hardcover collection inspired by Fruit Ninja , the immensely popular all-ages mobile game.
From Dynamite Entertainment
April 27, 2018
Here's a preview of Walter Simonson's Battlestar Galactica Art Edition HC , published by From Dynamite Entertainment.
In 'Zorro: Swords of Hell'
April 24, 2018
American Mythology announced the return of the swashbuckling hero Zorro to comics, just ahead of the character’s 100-year anniversary.
From Dynamite Entertainment
April 24, 2018
Dynamite Entertainment will release a new collection of original Project Superpowers stories including rare issues and bonus material by Alex Ross, this summer.
From Dynamite Entertainment
April 20, 2018
Here's a preview of The Shadow / Batman HC , published by Dynamite Entertainment.
From Dynamite Entertainment
April 16, 2018
Here's a preview of James Bond: The Body #4, published by Dynamite Entertainment.
Black Panther Still Rules Them All
April 12, 2018
For the second month in a row, Black Panther graphic novels dominate the March superheroes chart, taking up seven of the 20 slots.
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