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By Small Amount
April 07, 2017
For the fifth consecutive month, beginning last November, sales of comics and graphic novels to the comic store channel by Diamond Comic Distributors fell in March.
Via Marvel Insider
April 06, 2017
Marvel plans aggressive use of its Marvel Insider loyalty program, launched at San Diego Comic-Con last summer, to drive sales of Secret Empire.
Column by Steve Bennett
April 05, 2017
Bennett examines the media’s reaction to statements made by Marvel’s David Gabriel during an interview with ICv2, and what may happen next.
'New Warriors' Scripted Comedy
April 05, 2017
Marvel is set to get its first live-action scripted comedy with New Warriors , featuring Squirrel Girl.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
April 05, 2017
The inability to create new in-continuity characters creates a zero-sum game for DC and Marvel.
From Marvel Comics
April 04, 2017
Here's a preview of Jean Grey #1, published by Marvel Comics.
Thank Jessica Jones
April 04, 2017
Netflix released a teaser for the upcoming hero team-up Marvel’s The Defenders that reveals the release date.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
April 03, 2017
What Marvel is seeing in microcosm with its sales dip is the same basic problem that we’ve seen in comics distribution for the past 30 years.
With Print Purchase
April 02, 2017
Marvel has reversed the change it made to its free-with digital program early this year.
'I value the opinions of my customers.'
April 02, 2017
Mike Boze of HawgHead Comics comments on the recently concluded Marvel Retailer Summit.
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