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Geek Movie News Round-Up
May 30, 2019
We round up key geek movie news from recent days.
Column by Steve Bennett
May 29, 2019
This week, Steve Bennett ranges from the new ad based on the Dungeons & Dragons toon and Little Lulu to War of the Realms .
As Hickman Builds New Universe
May 29, 2019
Marvel has revealed five new collections in the X-Men Milestones series, expanding its library of key moments in X-Men history as Jonathan Hickman builds a new era for the X-Men universe.
For Renault Brazil
May 27, 2019
An authorized live-action take on the Dungeons & Dragons 80s animated series has found its way into a Renault Brazil ad.
'Avengers: Endgame' Only the 2nd Film to Pass $800 Million Domestic
May 26, 2019
Guy Ritchie’s live-action/hybrid adaptation of Disney’s 1990 animated feature Aladdin earned $86.1 million over the first 3 days of the Memorial Day weekend.
With Plenty of Variant Covers
May 23, 2019
Two of Gwen Stacy’s alter-egos will be launching new adventures in August: Ghost-Spider and Gwenpool.
Likely the Last of Starlin's Work on Thanos
May 23, 2019
Marvel will release the final volume in the cosmic Thanos OGN trilogy, written by his co-creator Jim Starlin.
'John Wick 4,' 'Invisible Man,' and Many Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney Films
May 22, 2019
ICv2’s Best in Shows calendar has gone through major updates.
From Marvel
May 22, 2019
Marvel Comics will roll out the Bring on the Bad Guys variant covers for select releases, tying in to its Acts of Evil summer event.
Geek TV Roundup
May 21, 2019
There has been a lot of news regarding geek TV projects recently, and we round it up here.
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