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Big Impacts, Now or in the Future
December 29, 2016
As we pass into 2017, we look back on the Top Five major events in the comics business in 2016.
Is It Working Better This Time?
December 29, 2016
We took a look to see how Rebirth is succeeding compared to the last time DC relaunched its line with the New 52 .
Column by Steve Bennett
December 28, 2016
For his end-of-the-year column, Bennett looks at the many incarnations of Harley Quinn from around the world.
For 'Rebirth' Collections
December 21, 2016
DC Entertainment is planning a TV advertising campaign to support the collected editions of its Rebirth content.
In Flat Season
December 12, 2016
The Big Two comic publishers, Marvel and DC, increased their title counts dramatically this fall, but dollar sales didn’t follow, according to an analysis by ICv2 based on information provided by Diamond Comic Distributors.
Sales Estimates for November Based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data
December 12, 2016
These are estimates of the sales on graphic novels by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during November 2016.
As Marvel Share Lead Grows
December 09, 2016
Comics and graphic novel sales to North American comic stores declined 4.25% in November vs. the year ago period, according to information released today by Diamond Comic Distributors.
'I'm Surprised! This is Such a Nice, Nice Store.'
November 15, 2016
In Business 3x3, a business retailer or executive will share their experience with three things they’ve done right, three things they’ve done wrong, and what else they’ve learned along the way.
After Three Months of DC Wins
November 11, 2016
Marvel was once again the #1 comic publisher in comic stores in October, according to rankings released by Diamond Comic Distributors.
As Merger Looms
November 02, 2016
DC Comics properties are driving results for multiple Time Warner divisions, according to comments in the conference call tied to Q3 earnings.
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