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From 'ICv2's Internal Correspondence' #93
March 09, 2018
These charts of the Top 10 Hobby Channel Collectible Games, Top 3 Mass Market Channel Collectible Games and ​Top 5 Collectible Games Over-all reflect sales in Fall 2017.
In Hobby Games Business
March 09, 2018
Our initial survey of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the hobby games business found most experiencing growth in 2017, with some big shifts in where the growth was coming from when compared with previous years.
With Core Screening
March 07, 2018
GAMA, the Game Manufacturer’s Association, has formed a partnership with Core Screening to provide background check services to members.
Plus What's Selling and Why, What's Coming
February 28, 2018
We talked to VIZ Media Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Kevin Hamric and Senior Director of Marketing Candice Uyloan.
Art for Three 'Magic: The Gathering' Releases
February 23, 2018
Wizards of the Coast has shared box art for three upcoming Magic: The Gathering releases.
From WizKids' 2018 Toy Fair Displays
February 21, 2018
At New York Toy Fair, WizKids previewed upcoming miniatures, board games, and more.
WizKids Prototypes on Display at Toy Fair
February 19, 2018
At New York Toy Fair, WizKids was offering first looks at high profile releases planned for later this year.
'Axis & Allies & Zombies'
February 19, 2018
Wizards of the Coast has shared teaser details on a terrifying new version of the classic World War II strategy game Axis & Allies.
For Fans of 'Commander,' 'From the Vault,' More
February 14, 2018
Wizards of the Coast has shared some announcements for upcoming Magic: The Gathering releases.
'Jace, the Mind Sculptor' Returns for Modern Format Play
February 13, 2018
The announcement of the unbanning of the “Jace, the Mind Sculptor” for M:TG Modern format play is having effects on the secondary market, as well as increasing demand for the upcoming Masters 25.
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