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Diamond's Top Merchant Talks Pop Culture Merchandise
February 27, 2001
In this interview, Schanes talks about his career, the market trends in major pop culture product categories, Diamond's plans for product selections in the coming year, and what he sees as the next hot thing.
Games Workshop Grants Exclusive on Major License
February 25, 2001
Alliance Game Distributors and Diamond Comic Distributors have announced that they will jointly have the exclusive right to distribute Game Workshop's new table-top war game based on the film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Ri ngs trilogy.
More High Quality Stuff
February 28, 2001
Here's more of the McFarlane Toys lineup for this year, including the Movie Maniacs, rock and roll, H.R. Giger, videogame, and Spawn lines.
Diamond VP-Marketing Talks Markets and Trends for 2001
February 1, 2001
We asked Fletcher what the new trends for 2001 would be. Find out what he said.
Marvel Goes Visual for December
January 29, 2001
Marvel Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada has announced that all the Marvel titles slated for December, 2001 shipping will contain neither dialogue balloons nor any kind of narrative captions.
WB Stores To Be Sold or Closed
February 6, 2001
As part of a streamlining of operations, the newly merged AOL Time Warner has announced that it intends to sell or close its 140 US-based Warner Brothers Studio Stores.
Diamond VP Talks Operations
February 6, 2001
Fournier takes us through her background and tells us about the operational infrastructure she's built at Diamond.
Retailers Dissed or Saved?
February 6, 2001
Marvel Comics has made a commitment to strengthening their newsstand distribution by making the Ultimate Marvel Magazine a newsstand-only product.
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