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In the Wake of 'Perry Bible Fellowship'
February 27, 2008
Dark Horse has been the most active major comics publisher in collecting Webcomics starting with Megatokyo.
Illegal Downloads, MySpace
October 15, 2008
In Part Three, we talk about the impact of illegal filesharing on comic sales; the role of social networking sites; Dark Horse’s Clamp project in 2009; and the role of anthologies.
Adds Dynamite to Offerings
April 24, 2013
Dark Horse Digital has added Dynamite Entertainment titles to its offerings.
Vice President - Product Development
July 3, 2017
A second multi-decade Dark Horse vice president has left the company.
Plus More Manga, 'Apocalypse Nerd,' & More
July 26, 2004
Dark Horse has announced a 4-issue comic book adaptation of Pixar's The Incredibles .
On the Market, and Licensed Titles
January 7, 2008
ICv2 recently spoke with Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson. In Part 1, we talk about the state of the comics and graphic novel market, Dark Horse's history with licensed comics, and the new trend toward omnibus editions.
Signs 3-Year Production Pact
March 13, 2008
Universal Pictures has inked a three-year production and distribution agreement with Dark Horse Entertainment.
Launching in January
October 9, 2010
Dark Horse Comics announced its Digital Publishing strategy, which it will launch in January.
An ICv2 Interview, Part 2
October 14, 2010
In Part 2 of this two part interview, Thomas talks about the new series he’s writing for Dark Horse .
Over Price
December 6, 2011
Dark Horse moved quickly Monday to stanch the Twitterstorm that erupted.
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