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On Retailing and Distribution Challenges in the '70s
July 10, 2023
Schanes discusses retailing and the challenges of distribution in the 1970s.
On Becoming a Distributor and Negotiating with Publishers as a Teenager
July 10, 2023
Schanes talks about establishing their distribution business, dealing with Marvel Comics and DC Comics while still in his teens.
On the Early Days of the Direct Market
July 10, 2023
For our article on the early days of the Direct Market, ICv2 interviewed Bill Schanes, who with his brother Steve was an early retailer and distributor.
And Changed Collecting, Selling Comics, and Comics Themselves
July 5, 2023
Being a comic collector was a tough slog in the early 70s, but the Direct Market changed everything: collecting comics, selling comics, and comics themselves.
Shinder's Had 14 Stores, Then It Crashed and Burned
July 3, 2023
One of the most massive movers of the direct market was a 14-store juggernaut until a new owner got busted on drug and weapons charges.
Including Black & White Magazine Stories and Colleen Wing/Misty Knight Spinoff
June 27, 2023
The omnibus collects not only the color comics but black and white magazine comics and the three-part Misty Knight/Colleen Wing side story.
Guest Column by Mike Friedrich
June 27, 2023
Mike Friedrich, a key figure in the history of the comics Direct Market, shared this obituary for another key figure in that history, Mel Thompson.
Guest Column by David Wheeler
June 27, 2023
David Wheeler, longtime comics and game retailer and current CEO of Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy shared this obituary for Mel Thompson.
'In 1965, a Teenage Bud Plant Rifled Through a Bin of Comics.'
May 26, 2023
The story begins: in 1965, a teenage Bud Plant rifled through a bin of comics.
Comics in the 1960s, Including Some of the First Comic Stores
May 26, 2023
In this first video, Plant talks about the very early days of the comics business in the 1960s, and some of the first comic stores in California.
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