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Column by Steve Bennett
October 27, 2005
This week, Bennett follows up with more on customers bringing collections to the store.
First of 3 New 'Whedon-Verse' Properties
July 19, 2006
IDW has announced a new five-part Spike mini-series based on the popular character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer .
America's Premier Inspirational Manga
August 13, 2006
A Paid Advertisement. Barbour Publishing was first to bring inspirational manga to the masses -- and now tween and teen girls have another great read in Serenity !
Mark Siegel on 2007
December 14, 2006
Our recent far-ranging conversation with First Second editorial director Mark Siegel took a look ahead to the company's 2007 releases.
Filming To Begin In June
January 2, 2007
According to Variety , Steven Speilberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford are ready to do a fourth Indiana Jones movie based on a script by David Koepp.
Column by Steve Bennett
January 20, 2007
Confessions of a Comic Book Guy is a weekly column by retailer Steve Bennett of Mary Alice Wilson's Dark Star Comics of Yellow Springs , Ohio . This week, Bennett covers a lot of ground, revisiting the question of whether superheroes are 'silly,' looking at the ads in Marvel Adventures, and wondering about Betty becoming a NASCAR driver.
Column by Steve Bennett
May 29, 2007
This week, Bennett talks about a trade paperback collection he likes.
New Manga Licenses
July 8, 2007
Go! Comi announced five new manga licenses at Anime Expo.
'Planning to Make a Lot of Noise' in '08
July 23, 2007
In Part 2, we talk about First Second's plans for 2008.
Going Public as Penny Stock
September 12, 2007
Platinum Studios filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission last week for the sale of shares by some of its current shareholders, and announced its plans to go public.
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