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'Scourge Of The Worlds' Out in June
April 17, 2003
Sc ourge of Worlds -- A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure isn't just your ordinary computer-animated cartoon--it's a truly interactive DVD with 20 decision points where viewers can make different choices,...
Expands Yu-Gi-Oh! Offerings
February 23, 2003
If one thing was clear at Toy Fair in 2003, it was that Mattel had an aggressive plan to seize market share in the highly competitive world of boys toys and action figures.
ADV Issues Collection
February 12, 2003
FUNimation has acquired the rights to some Sakura Wars OVAs, including the three-episode Ecole de Paris .
Deal, Phenomenon of the Year
January 1, 2003
We chose the FUNimation/Four Kids distribution agreement as the deal of the year, and increasing TV exposure as the phenomenon of the year.
Interview with Gen Fukunaga
September 11, 2002
Gen Fukunaga, the President of FUNimation Productions, is the man responsible for bringing Dragon Ball and Dragonball Z to the U.S.
FUNimation Will Handle Distribution
May 15, 2002
4Kids Entertainment, the company that's currently handling Yu-Gi-Oh, has established its own internal division to produce and market home videos based on 4Kids properties.
Tank Rolls in November
August 24, 2001
WizKids, makers of the category-defining Mage Knight CMG (collectible miniature game) has announced plans for its biggest figure ever -- t he Black Powder Rebel Tank -- which will ship in November.
Bolstering Its Sword & Sorcery Line
May 23, 2001
White Wolf Publishing has entered into an agreement to publish Fiery Dragon's line of d20 roleplaying games.
War Chariot Out in July
May 1, 2001
WizKids, the company that invented the 'collectible miniatures game' with Mage Knight is introducing The Black Powder Rebels Chariot , which will haul a Mage Knight figure around the battlefield, freeing that fighter to devote all its activities to combat.
Ang Lee To Helm 'The Hulk'
February 6, 2001
Universal Pictures has pulled a major coup by snagging white-hot director Ang Lee ( Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ) to take over their troubled Hulk film project.
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