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'Spider-Man 2' is Number 4 in 2004
January 10, 2005
Shrek 2 was the best-selling video release of 2004 in the U.S. with a grand total of 37 million units sold, which included a whopping 21.6 million DVDs.
Blade: Trinity Slides to Fifth
December 19, 2004
Paramount's Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events took the box office crown this weekend with an estimated total of $30.2 million.
Three New Expansions Planned
December 19, 2004
Decipher has announced its schedule of releases for the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game for 2005.
Players to Help Choose Which 'LOTR' Cards to Eliminate
December 16, 2004
Decipher has released additional information concerning the new Expanded Format tournaments that will include cards from all The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game releases in certain championship level events.
Fellowship Cards Out of Standard Play in March
December 9, 2004
Decipher has announced a rotation schedule that will remove early releases from Decipher Standard Play tournaments.
From Nexus Games
December 5, 2004
Nexus Games has announced that it has acquired a worldwide license to produce a Marvel strategy board game, which will be released next summer.
For February and March
November 23, 2004
Sabertooth Games has announced six new releases for February and March, two each for Horus Heresy , WarCry , and the Lord of the Rings TMG .
Initial Sales Strong
November 8, 2004
Deciphers' WARS CCG , which launched last month, has come out of the gate strong, 'selling way above expectations,' according to Decipher.
Column by Steven Bates
October 26, 2004
Bates' topic this week is making money on the biggest characters there are.
From Forbes
October 24, 2004
Forbes has released its list of the top ten fictional characters (based on 2003 dollar revenues), and two anime properties and two Marvel properties are included in the list.
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