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For Tabletop Strategy Games
February 10, 2011
Games Workshop has extended its Tolkien movie license with WB.
Coming in August from Cubicle 7
April 15, 2011
Details have been released on Cubicle 7's The One Ring RPG.
Miniatures Included in May Release
January 27, 2012
Wizkid's LOTR board game (with miniatures) will ship in May.
Fantasy Flight Plans Q3 Release
May 9, 2013
Reiner Knizia two-player boardgame scheduled for Q3 release.
Five RPG Titles Planned
February 27, 2014
Five new RPG titles planned for 2014.
New Adventure Pack for 'The Lord of the Rings LCG'
July 1, 2019
Fantasy Flight is beginning a new story arc for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game with the Wrath and Ruin Adventure Pack.
'Ruins of the Lost Realm'
July 28, 2022
Free League Publishing announced Ruins of the Lost Realm, a new supplement for The One Ring RPG.
Geek Showbiz Round-up
September 6, 2022
It may be Labor Day, but Hollywood news is still working overtime into the first full week of September 2022. Time for a round-up!
Alliance and Diamond To Distribute
July 3, 2001
Fantasy Flight Games plans to announce the acquisition of the Lord of the Rings board game license (formerly held by Wizards of the Coast), with distribution to be handled exclusively by Alliance Game Distributors and Diamond Comic Distributors.
Newsweek and Trades Agree
December 3, 2001
The early word from those who have seen The Fellowship of the Ring, the 3-hour first installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is very positive.
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