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Winner Given Six-Month Internship
January 1, 2007
Wizards of the Coast announced that Alexis Janson of Palmdale, CA is the winner of its Great Designer Search.
Over $1,000 Worth of Free Merchandise
December 19, 2006
An ICv2 Release. ICv2 has announced the winners of its drawing for new subscribers.
Including Dr. Toy
December 13, 2006
Games Expo 2007 has announced its line-up of special guests.
Industry Leaders Discuss the Future of Games
November 21, 2006
ICv2 chose the last 2006 issue of its ICv2 Retailers Guide to Games (#13) to look at 'The Future of Games.'
For Magic the Gathering
November 2, 2006
On February 2nd Wizard of the Coast will release Planar Chaos , the second of three expansions in the Time Spiral Block .
For Prop Replicas & Statues
October 29, 2006
First Four Figures has announced a licensing agreement with 2000AD for the rights to create statues and prop replicas.
121 'Timeshifted' Cards
October 23, 2006
When WotC released Time Spiral no one outside the company realized that the new series would include 121 Timeshifted cards.
Overcomes Shrinking 'Star Wars' Sales
October 23, 2006
Hasbro's non- Star Wars lines were up 13% for the quarter, leading to a 5% gain in net revenues.
Drawing for New Subscribers
October 31, 2006
Paid Advertisement. ICv2 is offering retailers a chance to win over $1000 worth of new Magic: The Gathering - Time Spiral boosters just by subscribing to ICv2's free daily e-mail newsletter.
Just by Subscribing to the ICv2 Daily E-mail
October 31, 2006
An ICv2 Release . ICv2 has kicked off a gigantic promotion for retailers that subscribe to the free daily ICv2 e-mail!
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