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In Summer 2019 Season
December 27, 2019
Sales charts and background for collectible games in Summer 2019.
For the Upcoming 'Theros Beyond Death' Set
December 23, 2019
Wizards of the Coast released an announcement pertaining to a production error in the upcoming Theros Beyond Death set for Magic: The Gathering.
Four Different Standard Format Competitive Decks
December 19, 2019
Wizards of the Coast will release four new Magic: The Gathering Challenger Decks, pre-constructed competitive Standard format decks, on April 3, 2020.
No Advanced Warnings for Bans; Also, Oko Gets Banned Again
December 17, 2019
Wizards of the Coast revealed that it will no longer schedule Banned and Restricted Announcements, but instead, make changes to formats on Mondays with no set dates or prior warning.
New Collector Boosters Feature Full-Art Foil Lands, Constellation Showcases, and More!
December 16, 2019
Wizards of the Coast revealed the pack contents breakdown of the Collector Boosters for the upcoming Theros Beyond Death set for Magic: The Gathering which will release on January 24, 2020.
To Release Planeswalker Line Overseas
December 13, 2019
The makers of Ultimate Guard, heo Group, announced that it has obtained the license for Wizards of the Coast brands for Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
Mechanics and First Card Spoilers
December 13, 2019
Wizards of the Coast released some previews for their new Magic: The Gathering set, Theros Beyond Death, including mechanics, card spoilers, and a cinematic trailer.
28 Sets Over 24 Years Ranked Best To Worst; Some Still On Retail Shelves
December 12, 2019
Mark Rosewater recently ranked his Magic: The Gathering set designs from best to worst.
But Tough on New Releases
December 4, 2019
This is a special report exclusive to Pro subscribers on the Summer 2019 games season.
Making An Effort To Balance The New Format
December 2, 2019
Wizards of the Coast continues to ban its way through the Magic: The Gathering Pioneer format as they added three more cards to their Banned and Restricted List.
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