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Column by Steve Bennett
March 26, 2014
This week, Steve Bennett looks at comics about Muslims and upcoming movies based on European comics.
Column by Steve Bennett
February 19, 2014
This week, Bennett looks at Marvel's new female reader initiative, and takes a pass on the new Robocop movie.
Column by Steve Bennett
February 12, 2014
This week, Bennett looks at The Lego Movie and the new Ms. Marvel.
Column by Steve Bennett
January 22, 2014
This week, Bennett talks about the death of The Watcher, Barbarella , and 2014 movies.
Get Showrunners
November 12, 2013
Showrunners for the first two Netflix Marvel series appear to be falling into place.
And Defenders Miniseries
November 7, 2013
Four series and a 4-episode Defenders miniseries.
Column by Steve Bennett
November 5, 2013
This week, Bennett looks at "respect," diversity, and Dredd .
In February
November 5, 2013
Marvel will launch a new Ms. Marvel title in February.
Debuting in March, 2014
October 14, 2013
Kelly Sue DeConnick takes Captain Marvel cosmic starting in March.
In Bootstrap Success Story
October 4, 2013
A series of agreements changed a bootstrapping start-up into a regional force.
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