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35th Anniversary Figures of Kirk and Roddenberry
July 14, 2001
Palisades Marketing announced on Friday that the company has obtained a license to create a thirty-fifth anniversary set of Star Trek six-inch action figures of Captain James T. Kirk and series creator Gene Roddenberry.
Anime Sources for Retailers
July 4, 2001
This is a directory of anime distributors with links to profile pages, which provide additional information and ordering contacts.
Anime Reviewed In N.Y. Times
June 23, 2001
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade , the most intriguing science fiction anime release since Ghost in the Shell , begins a theatrical run at the Cinema Village in New York City this weekend.
Ultra-Hot Eye Candy for Comics Fans
June 12, 2001
Moore Creations and Top Cow have joined forces once again to create a statue of Top Cow's sexy vampire-slaying heroine, Magdalena.
Literary Establishment Embracing Comics
June 6, 2001
It would be hard to imagine a stronger group of titles with which to take advantage of the growing acceptance of the comics medium by the U.S. literary mainstream than the Fantagraphics fall list.
Hasbro Rides on Disney Film's Coattails
May 26, 2001
Pearl Harbor opened this weekend, and Hasbro's new line of Pearl Harbor G.I. Joe figures just happened to hit the marketplace the same week
Pepsi, Taco Bell on Board
May 21, 2001
Tomb Raider has the potential to be one of the biggest films of the summer in the specialty store market.
Adds Jurassic Park 3
April 17, 2001
Inkworks has completed its trifecta of summer movie projects by adding Jurassic Park 3 to its stable, which already included two of the season's most anticipated films, The Mummy Returns and Tomb Raider. The Jurassic Park cards will be produced using a new process.
Also Survivor II and Bionicles
March 25, 2001
The Upper Deck Company announced at GAMA that they have acquired the rights to publish trading cards based on the white-hot Mage Knight miniature gaming system.
Channel 15 in San Diego
March 15, 2001
On March 1 st , Channel 15 in San Diego aired a report in which they sent a thirteen-year-old boy into Suncoast Video and Tower Records with the express purpose of buying 'adult' anime.
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