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Pokemon Packager Pursues Replacement
April 29, 2001
4 Kids Entertainment, the company that packaged Pokemon for the U.S. market has licensed Yu-Gi-Oh , the anime series/collectible card game that trumped Pokemon in Japan. A 27-episode television series and an accompanying collectible card game were hugely popular in Japan in 1998.
D-Day Set for June
April 19, 2001
Wizard Entertainment is preparing its first totally anime publication, Anime Invasion , which is being solicited in the current (April) edition of Diamond Previews . Retailers will be able to select from two different covers, one featuring an Akira design by Pat Lee ( Warlands ), and one with a DBZ and Sailor Moon 'Toonami' cover. The magazine will carry a $4.99 cover price.
Website to Continue
April 17, 2001
Pojo's Pokemon magazine will soon cease monthly publication. Although sources had earlier told ICv2 that the April issue would be the last, the May issue is currently on newsstands, and the June issue, which will be on the stands in early May, will be the last regular monthly issue.
Zine Once Had Circulation of 500,000
April 12, 2001
Magazine publisher H& S Media has cancelled its monthly 'unofficial' Pokemon magazine, Pojo's Pokemon , which was selling 500,000 copies per month, primarily via newsstand distribution, at the height of the Pocket Monsters craze.
Nationwide (US) Programming
April 9, 2001
We're compiling here for your benefit a list of all of the anime titles currently on network television (cable or broadcast). These are obviously the anime with the broadest appeal, and the ones most likely to bring new customers to your store.
What Recession?
April 6, 2001
Maybe it's because the specialty market is counter-cyclical, or maybe it's because it is product driven and there are lots of good products in the offing, but according to retailers ICv2 heard from, the pulse of the industry is strong right now, at least judging from the talk at the DC RRP.
DVDs Start To Dominate
April 4, 2001
The Top 10 Cool lists for February, 2001 have just gone up on ICv2, and our comments are below. These lists are compiled from actual sales submitted by retailers.
Free Love, Libel Charges, and Collectibility Gone Mad!
March 25, 2001
Sometimes the pop culture products industry gets pretty wild and woolly, and last week was such a time, with three stories in different venues providing some diversion from our regularly scheduled programming.
Also Has CCG License
March 28, 2001
Decipher Inc. announced this week at GAMA that they have acquired the license to create roleplaying games based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Harry Potter, Star Wars, Sports and More
March 25, 2001
Wizards of the Coast announced an ambitious slate of products for 2001 at the Gama show held in Las Vegas this week.
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