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NPD Reports
August 11, 2021
Sales of games and puzzles were up dramatically in the first half of 2021, NPD reported based on its tracking of sales in chains and online.
Sold by Rally, a Collectibles Equity Platform
August 10, 2021
Rally, a collectibles equity platform, sold a vintage Wata 9.8 copy of the Super Mario Bros. video game for $2 million dollars.
Also, Company Adds a New COO; 18-Month Release Schedule Revealed!
July 30, 2021
MetaZoo Games LLC. announced that Steve Aoki, famous DJ, producer, and entrepreneur, has become a full equity partner and a cofounder of their company.
For 'Pokemon TCG'; Images Included
July 22, 2021
The Pokemon Company International announced two new V Battle Decks, for Pokemon TCG, which will release into retail.
'Animal Crossing,' New Rumiko Takahashi Series, and a Helpful Cat
July 21, 2021
Three promising new series debut this month: An Animal Crossing gag manga, a new time-travel story from Rumiko Takahashi, and a slice-of-life comedy about a very capable cat.
An ICv2 Retailer Resource
July 20, 2021
ICv2 has built a running release calendar for Pokemon TCG as a retailer resource to help keep tabs on the new products and production schedule changes announced by The Pokemon Company International.
As Pandemic Begins to Recede
July 20, 2021
Hobby game sales were up strongly overall in the Spring (January through April) season of 2021, although there were substantial variations from region to region and store to store depending on the fury of the global Covid pandemic and the accompanying restrictions on retail.
From 'ICv2's Internal Correspondence' #100
July 20, 2021
These charts of the Top 10 Hobby Channel Collectible Games, Top 3 Mass Market Channel Collectible Games and Top 5 Collectible Games Over-all reflect sales in Spring 2021.
Pandemic Year Ends on Up Note
July 16, 2021
Despite the many challenges of doing business during a global pandemic, hobby game sales in the U.S. and Canada grew 21% to $2.035 billion in 2020, up from $1.675 billion in 2019.
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