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Plus 'Avenger' & 'Fantastic Children'
August 3, 2004
Bandai Entertainment has announced the licensing of 3 anime series, Planetes , Avenger and Fantastic Children .
By EU for Anti-Competitive Behavior
May 27, 2004
Topps was fined by the European Commission on Wednesday for attempting to control the flow of its Pokemon products between countries.
FireRed and LeafGreen in September
May 18, 2004
Nintendo has announced that it has sold out of all available EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua boosters, which were released in March.
And Provides IP for Jump to Japan Exhibits
May 13, 2004
Viz, LLC has become the first major graphic novel publisher to partner with Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) to help promote the love of reading and literacy among school children.
On Saturday May 1
April 27, 2004
MegaMan NT Warrior is heading back to a prime spot on the Kids' WB Saturday morning lineup.
For the Pokemon CCG
March 25, 2004
Nintendo is offering retailers a chance to participate in a merchandising contest to promote the Pokemon Collectible Card Game's newest expansion, EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua.
Plus New Rare CCG Introduced at Screenings
March 12, 2004
The Burger King Corporation will launch a major promotion for Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie , which opens in theaters across North America on August 13.
The #1 Broadcast Saturday Morning Block
February 27, 2004
The WB has announced the makeup of its Saturday morning and weekday afternoon animated blocks for the new TV season.
Plus 'Winx Club' and Licensed BreaKeys
February 23, 2004
Upper Deck is planning a new CCG aimed at girls ( Winx Club ), a number of licensed releases for its BreaKey game, and several key trading card releases.
A Full Range of Expansions Planned
February 12, 2004
WotC's Duel Masters CCG debuts in March followed by four expansions in ten months.
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