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'Long Live the Pamphlet'
November 14, 2003
John Robinson of Graham Crackers Comics saw the comment from Steve Bennett of Dark Star Books on the death of the pamphlet format for comics, and strongly disagrees.
'The Pamphlet Is Dead'
November 13, 2003
Steve Bennett of Dark Star Books in Yellow Springs, Ohio saw the report that Shonen Jump has sold as many as 540,000 copies an issue and sent us this extensive comment on the future of comic formats.
And the Tin
November 6, 2003
More TV advertising will support the release of Nintendo's upcoming Pokemon-e TCG: EX Dragon Expansion.
Speedy Gonzales Guests on Nov. 8
October 27, 2003
The Kids' WB is unveiling a new lineup on Saturday Nov. 1.
Shoujo Anime Series
October 16, 2003
4Kids is completing a deal with Toei Animation to bring the Magical Doremi anime series to the U.S.
One for Each of Five Different Covers
October 19, 2003
Dreamwave Productions has announced that its Duel Masters #1 comic book will come polybagged with rare limited edition Duel Masters cards from the forthcoming Duel Masters CCG.
No Questions, Please
October 14, 2003
In response to our questions about its suit against Nintendo, Wizards of the Coast sent us this statement.
Over Pokemon Game
October 13, 2003
Wizards of the Coast has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo of America and its affiliate, Pokemon USA, alleging breach of contract and patent infringement.
For Longer Life, Support Specialty
October 1, 2003
Ron Catapano of Comics Plus in Mount Holly, New Jersey saw Daniel McAbee's comments on CCG release and feels that specialty stores have an important impact on CCG sales.
And Avoids A Fourth Quarter Glut
October 5, 2003
Upper Deck is delaying the release of its Marvel CCG , originally scheduled for November, until late March or early April 2004.
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