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Both Plead Guilty in Plea Agreement
July 22, 2016
The two Iowa men who made threats of violence against attendees of the August 2015 Pokemon World Championships each received prison sentences after pleading guilty.
Also 'Lycanroc-GX Box'
November 17, 2016
More Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon releases will hit the streets in February along with the Lycanroc-GX Box.
Holographic Pokemon Illustrator
November 22, 2016
This week a rare Japanese Pokemon TCG card sold for nearly $55,000 at Heritage Actions.
From New and Old
December 31, 2016
There was broad leadership in the collectible games category in the Fall and Holiday seasons last year, with strength in some of the newest and oldest games in the category.
Beginning in May
March 17, 2017
Stores that do pre-release events for the Pokemon TCG will be given an early street date on the set for which they do the event.
'Shining Legends Figure Collection - Zydarde-GX' and 'Forces of Nature GX Premium Collection'
April 12, 2018
Pokemon USA has announced two new summer releases for its Pokemon Trading Card Game.
Booster, Theme Deck, Trainer Box
April 30, 2018
Pokemon USA will release the Pokemon: Sun & Moon - Celestial Storm Booster for its Pokemon Trading Card Game this summer.
Another Early 'Pokemon TCG' Blockbuster
August 17, 2018
An unopened booster box of the first edition of the Pokemon TCG has sold for $56,000.
In October
September 5, 2018
The Pokemon Company will release two dragon-based Legendary Pokemon products for the Pokemon Trading Card Game in October.
Limited Theatrical Run After Thanksgiving
October 23, 2018
See the full trailer and promo art for Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us.
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