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Fumetti Fun From Stan-the-Man
March 6, 2008
Stan Lee's Election Daze is 96-page collection of photographs with captions.
'Speed Racer' & 'The Dark Knight'
February 19, 2008
Mattel has a potent lineup that includes the vehicle-rich Speed Racer and the new Batman film.
Scribes Could Scuttle '09
February 19, 2008
Marvel reported stellar fourth quarter earnings and a strong overall performance in 2007 driven largely by licensing revenues.
Better Terms from WotC?
January 23, 2008
Dan Barnett of Walt's Cards in Baltimore , Maryland , saw the news about Wizards of the Coast taking over Heroscape from Hasbro and hopes that better terms for retailers will follow.
Burger King, Audi, 7/11, & LG Mobile
January 14, 2008
Marvel Entertainment and its distribution partner Paramount have finalized four major promotional deals for Iron Man.
Plus New Manga
January 9, 2008
Seven Seas will add at least ten more series of manga-inspired illustrated juvenile fiction to its title roster, according to publisher Jason Deangelis.
Third Anthology From Drawn & Quarterly
December 3, 2007
In May Drawn & Quarterly will release Good-Bye , its third collection of manga short stories by Yoshihiro Tatsumi.
Confirmed by Variety
November 28, 2007
Samuel L. Jackson has completed work on a number of films including the 'Jon Favreau-directed Iron Man. '
Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited
November 12, 2007
ICv2 caught up with Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley to talk about the company's launch of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited to find out more about the service, its goals, and the potential impacts of the new site on the comic market.
Based on Brit TV Series
November 7, 2007
Director Guillermo del Toro has been signed to make a film based on British SF TV series The Champions .
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