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Total Value Over $2400!
April 9, 2002
This is a listing of all the great stuff for the store that wins our May Movie Display Contest. The total value is over $2400, and it could all be yours.
First Prize $2400, Second Price $1000, Third Prize $600
April 9, 2002
Not only will your business benefit by displaying products tied to Spider-Man and Star Wars Episode II, you can also win great prizes.
Stock Will Be Available
April 9, 2002
Cards Inc. of Watford, England has purchased the entire stock of the Star Wars CCG produced by Decipher. Decipher recently lost the license for the Star Wars CCG to Wizards of the Coast...
Get Free Stuff, Win Great Prizes!
April 9, 2002
An ICv2 release. ICv2, with the support of sponsors Topps, Diamond Comic Distributors, and WizKids, LLC, is launching its 'May Movie Moolah' promotion today...
Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, and SW: Episode II
April 2, 2002
The Topps Company has trading cards for three of the top movie projects for 2002, Spider-Man , Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones , and Lord of the Rings: The Two To wers.
Mini-Busts of Star Wars and Spider-Man Characters
March 12, 2002
Dark Horse Comics and laser-mavens Gentle Giant have announced an agreement for Dark Horse to act as the exclusive sales agent for Gentle Giant's consumer products.
But Smaller Lines Limit the Risks
February 18, 2002
In contrast to the heady days of the late 90s, Hasbro has pruned back its offerings.
Plus Lots of other CCG Products
February 16, 2002
A visit to the Wizards of the Coast section of the Hasbro Building at this year's New York Toy Fair leaves no doubt that WotC will be very busy in 2002.
What's the Correct Exposure?
January 7, 2002
Two of this year's most important films for pop culture retailers open two weeks apart in May. The two films have marketing strategies that are diametrically opposed, but which just might work out for the best in each case.
Decipher's Warren Holland Speaks Out
January 2, 2002
Wizards of the Coast has announced that it has acquired an exclusive, multi-year, worldwide license for trading card games based on the entire Star Wars saga.
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