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Pop Culture Category Explodes at BEA
June 4, 2001
Most, but not all, of the retro art books will be deluxe 'coffee table' type books that should have a strong appeal to the visually oriented customers who shop at pop culture stores. Part II of our coverage of the category.
Pop Culture and the Book World ComeTogether
June 2, 2001
A quick trip around the exhibition floor at Book Expo America demonstrates two very important facts.
Fantagraphics Nabs Five
April 30, 2001
The 'Harvey' awards, named in honor of famed creator Harvey Kurtzman, have found a new home at the Pittsburgh Comicon. This year's awards were fairly evenly distributed with artist Chris Ware gaining the most recognition with three awards including 'Best Continuing Series' for Acme Library.
Focus on DC Artist Phil Jimenez
April 24, 2001
On Wednesday April 18, 2001, the Washington Post printed a lengthy article by Hank Stuever that focused on DC artist Phil Jimenez and his obsession with Wonder Woman . Stuever's essay covers the entire history of the character, who first appeared some sixty years ago just one month before Pearl Harbor.
Feminist Heroine or 'Twisted Sister?'
February 6, 2001
Les Daniels's Wonder Woman: The Life and Times of the Amazon Princess was reviewed in the 'Books in Brief' section of the New York Times Book Review on Sunday, Dec. 24 th , where it received the prominent central position as well as an illustration.
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