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$43.5 Million Estimate for First Weekend
February 16, 2003
Daredevil opened strong, its $43.5 million opening a record for a President's Day weekend, and the second best ever for a February opening, behind Hannibal two years ago.
Zeta Gundam, s.CRY.ed, .hack//SIGN, Kikaider
February 16, 2003
Bandai America introduced toys based on four hot new anime properties at the 2003 Toy Fair in New York.
Top 10 Cool Reports for December 2003
February 9, 2003
Our final 2002 Top Ten Cool survey of the sell-through of pop culture products in December serves as a fitting capstone, since the major trends that we have been noticing are evident in abundance.
An Overview of Movie Merchandising Prospects
February 9, 2003
The list of films below represents our best judgment as to which of the many films slated for 2003 actually have merchandising potential.
Second Leading Comic In Brazil
February 6, 2003
NW Studios USA has announced the May release of its widely acclaimed Brazilian comic, Spirit of the Amazon .
From Art Asylum & Diamond Select
February 6, 2003
The Diamond Select/Art Asylum Marvel Minimates will include the characters from this year's bumper crop of Marvel movies, Daredevil, Hulk , and the X-Men .
Beginning in June
February 3, 2003 has begun taking preorders for three Marvel RPG products due for release beginning in June.
5 Volumes In April At $12.95
January 30, 2003
Barnes & Noble Books, the publishing arm of the largest book retail chain in the U.S., is publishing paperback editions of five volumes of the Marvel Masterworks series in April.
'How Many Times?'
January 29, 2003
Gail Burt of Metropolis Comics in Downey, California saw our article on ordering Namor and had this to say.
$100,000 Giveaway & T-Shirt Promo
January 29, 2003
Dr Pepper is joining with Twentieth Century Fox for a major promotional campaign geared around the upcoming X-Men sequel.
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