George Lucas has announced that his company is self-producing 100 3D animated Star Wars episodes.  These Clone Wars episodes take place between Episode 2 and Episode 3. The episodes that Lucas is producing in-house, will be, according to Variety, 'similar to the micro-series of shorts that the Cartoon Network has already aired.'  Once he has completed the 100 episodes, he plans to offer them to the networks.


Lucas was generally tight-lipped about the new animated series save for mentioning that it would attempt to recreate the ambience of the films with lots of 'smart-ass comedy with lots of contemporary humor,' and that one episode would focus on the Jedi Kit Fisko, while another would be exclusively devoted to the clone troopers.


As for the other Star Wars television project (see 'Lucas Plans 2 Star Wars TV Series'), a live action drama -- Lucas told an audience at the Museum of Radio & TV's William Paley Festival, that the live action series was still 'a few years away.'