ICv2 Stars: 4 (out of 5)
October 21, 2021

Here's a review of Better Angels: A Kate Warne Adventure OGN, published by BOOM Studios!

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'The Wolf & The Rat'
October 21, 2021
Renegade Game Studios announced The Wolf & The Rat, an expansion for Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals.
Zoo Management Board Game
October 21, 2021
Capstone Games unveiled Ark Nova, a zoo management board game.
In March
October 21, 2021
DC Comics will release a massive omnibus collection of Catwoman stories by Ed Brubaker and the late Darwyn Cooke (among others).
RPG Shelf Organizer By Goodman Games
October 21, 2021
Goodman Games will release The Shelf of Holding, a RPG book organizer.
'New Hero [BT08]' Booster Set
October 21, 2021
Bandai will release New Hero [BT08], a new booster set for Digimon Card Game, into retail in Q2 2022.
Features New Monsters for RPG Encounters
October 21, 2021
WizKids revealed Pathfinder Battles: The Mwangi Expanse booster set for release in January 2022.
Brotherwise Supporting Launch with 'Boss Monster' Promo Pack
October 21, 2021
The indie publisher brings its new miniatures game to stores, along with a free program exclusively for brick-and-mortar retailers.
On Sales in COVID, Recent Sell-Outs, and Upcoming Launches
October 21, 2021
We caught up with Steve Rotterdam at NYCC and asked about AfterShock Comics' sales during COVID, recent sell-outs, and the company’s key upcoming launches.
Origins Attendance, COVID Precautions for GAMA Expo
October 21, 2021
GAMA announced the results of its recent (delayed) Origins Game Fair 2021 and plans for GAMA Expo, including COVID-19 precautions.
From Diamond Select Toys
October 21, 2021
We connected with Diamond Select Toys Marketing Supervisor Zach Oat at New York Comic Con and got a quick tour of the upcoming items on display.
Including New Collection of '52' Stories
October 20, 2021
The box set includes three collected editions, including a new collection of stories from 52.