Project Has Raised $33K from 850+ Backers on Kickstarter
October 28, 2021

The graphic novel is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign that has raised over $33,000 from over 850 backers, with 15 days to go.

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Saturday, Continued
October 28, 2021
The story of Wizard World Chicago 2021 in pictures continues with more photos from the Saturday.
Friday & Saturday
October 28, 2021
Here's the story of Wizard World Chicago 2021 in pictures, kicking off with photos from Friday and Saturday.
October 28, 2021
We continue our story of Wizard World Chicago 2021 in pictures with more photos taken on Saturday.
Column by Steve Bennett
October 27, 2021
This week, columnist Steve Bennett talks more about public's reactions to Superman Jon Kent coming out as bisexual, and offers up a neat holiday gift idea for chefs.
Bringing Back X-Statix with a Mix of New and Classic Characters
October 27, 2021
The creators of X-Statix are back with a new series that brings back some of the classic characters and pits them against a group of newcomers.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
October 27, 2021
In this special Gifts Week column, Rob Salkowitz shares his picks for gifts for graphic novel fans.
Also: Tightening Up Damage Criteria for Retailer Exclusive Covers
October 27, 2021
In addition, the publisher is tightening its criteria for replacing damaged retailer exclusive covers.
Picking Up the Story from 'Non-Stop Spider-Man'
October 26, 2021
The new Spider-Man story picks up where Non-Stop Spider-Man left off, with Peter Parker transformed into a savage beast.
From Dynamite Entertainment
October 26, 2021
Here's a preview for Invincible Red Sonja #5, published by Dynamite Entertainment.
First Five Issues with New Covers by David Mack
October 26, 2021
The Slaughter Pack includes the first five issues of the series, with new covers by Eisner-nominated artist David Mack.
As Deluxe Hardcover
October 25, 2021
The hardcover will include the first five issues of the horror anthology self-published by Tynion under his Tiny Onion label.