'Star Wars Collection: The Child Animatronic Edition'
August 12, 2020

Hasbro will release Star Wars Collection: The Child Animatronic Edition, an animatronic The Child toy from the hit series The Mandalorian, into U.S. retail on November 1.

Virtual Event Planned
August 12, 2020
ReedPop has canceled its in-person New York Comic Con and announced a virtual event for those dates.
In Editorial, DC Universe, DC Direct
August 11, 2020
A major staff reduction is underway at DC, with editorial, DC Universe, and DC Direct all taking hits.
As Sales Decline 49% in Q2
August 10, 2020
Funko suffered a dramatic sales decline and made the first workforce reduction in the company's history in Q2.
Olive Branch in Hot Zone
August 6, 2020
Diamond has notified its customers that it is gaining ground on a large reorder backlog, as its Olive Branch, Mississippi distribution center remains in a COVID-19 hot zone.
Column by Steve Bennett
August 5, 2020
This week, Steve Bennett looks at the events and products surrounding Bugs Bunny’s 80th birthday, and asks, "Where are the comics?"
Column by Steve Bennett
July 29, 2020
This week, Steve Bennett offers his thoughts on the virtual San Diego Comic-Con that took place last weekend.
Sword of Power and Havoc Staff
July 30, 2020
Factory Entertainment will release replicas of the Sword of Power used by He-Man and the Havoc Staff used by Skeletor.
July 24, 2020
July 30, 2020
As was the case for over half of the chain’s stores, the COVID shutdown time was used to move fixtures and re-arrange the store.
'The Art of Halo Infinite' and 'The Art of Halo Infinite Deluxe Edition' by 343 Industries
July 28, 2020
Dark Horse Books, alongside Xbox Game Studios, announced The Art of Halo Infinite and The Art of Halo Infinite Deluxe Edition by 343 Industries for release into trade for Q4 2020.
Mass Games Did Better
July 27, 2020
What was selling in Q2 were the games Hasbro sells at mass merchants and online.
And Full-Size 'Diamond Collection' Funko Figure
July 27, 2020
Warner Bros. will release the Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary Collection , with a full-size glitter Funko figure, on November 3.