Less Space for Graphic Novels, Manga, and Collectibles
February 19, 2024

We found display of graphic novels generally and manga specifically much reduced since our last visit.

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Here's How It Happened, and The Opportunity
February 16, 2024
Here's how the market for TCGs based to anime and manga has grown, and the opportunity for game and comic stores.
Dark Horse Performance
February 15, 2024
Embracer reported that board game sales were down for its Asmodee subsidiary, and that Dark Horse's performance was "encouraging" in its fiscal Q3.
News, Interviews, Market Reports, Tips, More
February 12, 2024
During Manga Week, ICv2 will feature special manga content, including market reports, tips, news, and interviews.
Creator's Rights, Karen Berger and the British Invasion, the Batman Movie, Vertigo and Milestone, More
February 9, 2024
Kahn talks about creators' rights and compensation, Karen Berger and the British invasion, the Batman movie, Vertigo and Milestone, the move into books, and more.
Plus More on Oni's SP20 Scott Pilgrim 20th Anniversary Program
February 2, 2024
Oni Press has released product details and additional images for its Scott Pilgrim 20th Anniversary Box Sets , and more info on its SP20 program.
A New Platform for Sales Direct from Publishers to Stores
February 1, 2024
An ICv2 Release. ICv2 is launching ICv2 Direct, a new platform for sales direct from publishers to stores, the company announced.
Marvel, TMNT, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, AEW, More
January 31, 2024
Diamond Select has announced its Q3 2024 releases, which include Marvel, TMNT, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, AEW, more.
Showbiz Round-up
January 29, 2024
Hollywood is heading towards its Oscars season, and the news keeps coming. Time for another showbiz round-up!
Citing Challenging Macroeconomic Environment
January 26, 2024
eBay began laying off around 1,000 employees, about 9% of its workforce, citing a challenging macroeconomic environment.