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For the people on the front lines of the pop culture business, staying ahead of the trends isn’t something that can be left to chance—it’s a basic necessity for being successful.  That’s why ICv2 is the #1 source of news and information for the buyers, gatekeepers, and tastemakers on the front lines.  ICv2 is where trend-watching has become a science.

ICv2 Builds Buzz
The audience that’s trying to stay ahead of the trends is a rich target, including the trade, from independent retailers to the largest chains; producers looking for new properties; librarians and educators; licensing pros; the press and bloggers that cover the business; and key consumers.

Categories that Drive Pop Culture

Respected Content
ICv2's content is respected throughout the industries it covers, and used as a resource by the top business and popular press, including:

*   New York Times
*   Wall Street Journal
*   Fortune
*   Business Week
*   Time
*   USA Today
*   Publishers Weekly

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ICv2.com, every business day
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