July 27, 2023

In this Talk Back, Jay Bardyla of Rolling Tales Pop Culture writes in about being allocated for the upcoming Disney Lorcana TCG release from Ravensburger.

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'What the Hell Are You Thinking??? You'll Get Mugged Here!'
July 18, 2023
Larry Strawther, a high school friend of Bud Plant, shares some fond memories of cross-country road trips he took along with Bud in the early 1970s.
'Phil's Deal with DC and Marvel Was the Turning Point'
April 17, 2023
Eisner Award Hall of Fame nominee Bud Plant shares his thoughts on being nominated, our endorsement, and the role Phil Seuling played in the origin of the comics Direct Market.
'It is the Store Clerk and the Librarian Caught in the Crosshairs'
April 10, 2023
Michael Tierney of The Comic Book Store has been following the progress of Arkansas Senate Bill 81 2023, and reports that it has been passed into law and forwarded to the Governor's desk to be signed into law.
Former Comics Retailer, Marvel Director of Publicity, Friend of Geppi Family Enterprises
January 12, 2023
Gemstone Vice President of Publishing J.C. Vaughn shared his obituary for comics retailer, Marvel Comics Director of Publicity, and friend of Geppi Family Enterprises Garry Guzzo.
'What Do They Think We Are Doing?'
October 14, 2022
Mike Boze of HawgHead Comics & Gaming comments on the challenges facing retailers as well as DC Comics' shrinking digital comics release window.
'Crowdfunding Sites Are Taking Sales Away from Us at Some Point'
June 13, 2022
Mark Craddock of Comic Book World, Inc. in Florence and Louisville, Kentucky saw Paul Alexander Butler's column about Twitter and RPGs, and shared his thoughts.
On Hot Comics, 'Magic' Sales, 'HeroClix', Action Figures, More
December 14, 2021
In this Talk Back, Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics in Ankeny, Iowa wraps up 2021 with some observations on hot comics, Magic: The Gathering sales, HeroClix plans, action figure sales, and more.
'The Retailer Is the Loser'
October 14, 2021
Andy Battaglia of Comics Etc. writes in to share his experience with the first two weeks of Marvel shipments from Penguin Random House Publisher Services.
2021 Didn't Turn Out to Be a Return to Normal
October 14, 2021
In this Talk Back, Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics looks at the differences between what he expected to happen in 2021 and what has actually transpired, and wonders if things will ever return to "normal."
To Hire or Not, the Return of 'Magic' Gaming and Free Comic Book Day, and Comic Tie-Ins that Don't Work (and One that Does)
August 9, 2021
Lamberti talks about the challenges of hiring to handle increased sales, the return in in-store Magic: The Gathering gaming and Free Comic Book Day, and tie-ins that drive new customers (and ones that don't).
Comic Distribution Changes, on 'Modern Horizons 2' Prerelease, Free Comic Book Day, More
July 19, 2021
In this Talk Back, Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics in Ankeny, Iowa shared his experience with his new comic distributors, plus his thoughts on Modern Horizons 2, Free Comic Book Day, and more.