With Extra Pages and a Higher Cover Price
March 31, 2023

Both the page count and the price have been increased for the second printing.

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Column by Steve Bennett
March 29, 2023
This week, columnist Steve Bennett looks at the universal lovefest for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.
Publishing Now in Marvel Studios
March 29, 2023
Marvel Entertainment, which includes the comics division, will be folded into other units of Disney.
By 'Weeaboo' Creator and 'Hammer' Writer
March 29, 2023
The graphic novel is the work of two creators of manga-style comics.
To Pursue 'New Adventure'
March 29, 2023
Lance Fensterman is leaving ReedPop as of April 14 "to pursue an exciting new adventure."
'Quentin by Tarantino' Goes Behind the Scenes of Iconic Director's Life and Work
March 28, 2023
Quentin by Tarantino depicts the world of the "the last great celebrity director."
All Marvel Titles in a Single 500+ Page Volume
March 28, 2023
Marvel Comics is collecting the entire first season in a hefty 500+ page volume.
Chronicling 50 Years of Outsider Music
March 27, 2023
The graphic novel covers 50 years of independent and outsider music.
Plus Graphic Adaptation of 'The Dream Hunters' and More Sandman Stories
March 24, 2023
The volume will also include the graphic adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s prose novella Sandman: The Dream Hunters as well as more Sandman material.
Media Adaptations, TikTok, and the Hunger for Something New
March 23, 2023
McLean’s presentation touched on how both TikTok and media adaptations boost the popularity of top properties, and why consumers may be looking for something new.
Former DC, Marvel EiC Will Be Editor-at-Large
March 23, 2023
Bob Harras will be Immortal Studios' editor-at-large.