From USAopoly
April 24, 2019

USAopoly has partnered with HBO to release a series-inspired Games of Thrones Collector’s Chess Set.

Four Cities Added, One Canceled
April 24, 2019
Wizard Entertainment Inc has adjusted its 2019 Wizard World convention schedule.
Tone Shifts From Creeping Dread to Slasher Flick
April 24, 2019
DC Universe’s Swamp Thing preview sets a new narrative tone for the series,
WotC Digital Revenues Were $58 Million in 2018
April 24, 2019
The company revealed that Wizards of the Coast digital gaming revenues were $58 million in 2018, as the company reported its Q1 2019 financials on Tuesday.
'Harry Potter' Adds Charms Master and Flying Death Eaters
April 23, 2019
Knight Models continues to steadily add content for its Batman Miniature Game and Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game.
'Colonial Raptor' and 'Cylon Heavy Raider'
April 23, 2019
Ares Games has revealed the second wave of Spaceship Packs for its Battlestar Galactica – Starship Battles game.
17 Titans and Counting
April 23, 2019
Warner Bros. Pictures has released the final trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters.
In the Wake of Season Two Finale - Comic Explores Spock's Past
April 22, 2019
IDW Publishing will expand on the shocking events of Star Trek: Discovery's Season Two finale in a new miniseries.
Week of April 23, 2019
April 21, 2019
It looks like the studios home entertainment divisions took Easter/Passover off this year since there are few releases of interest save for the spunky horror suspense film Escape Room, Karyn Kusama’s neo-noir Destroyer, and the ninth season of Shameless.
'Captain Marvel' Becomes 7th MCU Film With Over $400 Million Domestic
April 21, 2019
Warner Bros.’ horror film The Curse of La Llorona easily captured the weekend box office with a better-than-expected $26.5 million, but this was the weakest Easter holiday weekend since 2005.
Manga News Round-Up
April 20, 2019
It’s springtime in the anime and manga world, as the con season heats up (this weekend it’s Anime Boston) and announcements start rolling out.
Plus 'Star Wars: Target Vader'
April 19, 2019
Marvel has released details for its first Star Wars: Age of Resistance one-shots.