Scott R. Moore of Galaxy Comics in Saginaw, Michigan recently tried to place orders for a DC miniseries, and came up with 'a head-scratcher:'

I just tried to place a reorder for DC's World War III Parts One through Four and noticed that Parts One and Three are on backorder but Parts Two and Four are still stocked.  I was just wondering who would order this book (consumer or retailer) in unequal quantities.  Maybe Part One would get ordered more because it is a #1, but Part Three? I don't understand.  This book is basically 52 issues #49a through 49d (since it should be read before 52 #50) so why would a retailer not just order the same amount of all four parts roughly equal to his 52 order?  And why would a customer get one part but not all four?  And why would DC release this as a four part series on the same week and not just a big $9.95 graphic novel or something?  Not all of my 52 customers got this series but I don't think ANY non-52 customers picked it up either.  It was a cool story and all, don't get me wrong, but this situation certainly is a head-scratcher.

I'm just annoyed that I can't reorder this title because I can't get all four books.  Everyone that bought it bought all four at once so it would be pointless to get any more without getting sets.

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