4Kids Entertainment has delayed the launch of its Chaotic Trading Card Game until late summer in order to get more time to beta test the 'scalability and functionality of the Chaotic Website.'  The Chaotic TCG could be considered the first TCG of the digital age thanks to its ability to be played traditionally and also online.  Each Chaotic card has an alphanumeric code, which players can upload to the Chaotic Website (for free) where they can trade cards as well as play against online opponents -- so obviously having a Website that is fully functional and able to handle potentially huge amounts of traffic is key to the game's success.  The vital importance of Website functionality was also cited as the reason the debut of the Chaotic TCG was moved from May to June 27th (see 'Hobby to Get 90 Days on Chaotic').


4Kids will continue closed beta testing of the Chaotic Website this summer but still plans to ship the first wave of Chaotic TCG products, which includes Dawn of Perim Underworld and Overworld First Edition Starter Decks and Dawn of Perim-Secrets Booster Packs, to comic and hobby shops late this summer (keep reading ICv2 for release date information).  Meanwhile the Chaotic animated series is appearing on the 4Kids TV block on Saturday morning on the Fox Network whetting the appetites of kids for a different sort of TCG experience.