CMX announced plans to launch Crayon Shin Chan and three other manga series in 2008. Crayon Shin Chan, created by Yoshito Usui, should appeal to fans of the Crayon Shin Chan anime which runs on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block (see 'Shin Chan Back on Adult Swim').  Shin Chan is a rude, crude and oddly amusing five-year-old with a taste for older women and a signature dance that involves mooning. 


CMX is also publishing the sci-fi series Flat Earth Exchange by writer/artist Toshimi Nigoshi (Jihai). A high school student is put into suspended animation for 100 years and wakes up to a world run by androids, whose knowledge of their own history goes back only 22 years.


Then from Emma creator Kaoru Mori, comes Shirley, a story about love, friendship and loyalty between pub keeper Miss Bennett and the young maid (Shirley) she hires to help her.


Slated for Spring 08 is Teru Teru X Shonen Vol 1 from writer/artist Shigeru Takao that tells the tale of teenage romance, suspense and comedy.  Former childhood best friends meet again in high school where Saizou, a practicing ninja, must come to the aid of his female friend, Shinobu, as he had promised to do years before.