Entertainment Weekly, in a two page piece in its October 5th print edition, revealed the plot outline of the now fast-tracked JLA film (see 'George Miller Working on JLA Movie').  According to the story, the current script is an origin story for the superhero organization, featuring Maxwell Lord as a villain, and includes appearances by OMACs, and battle scenes between Superman and Batman, and between Superman and Wonder Woman. 


Potential conflicts between the depictions of the characters in a JLA movie and Warner Bros.' ongoing Batman and Superman franchises are noted, but the article quotes an un-named sources as indicating that the studio believes 'the movies can live in parallel universes.' 


In a development that may indicate the difficulties of quickly casting the ensemble for JLA, EW reported online over the weekend that Jessica Biel has turned down the role of Wonder Woman, after talks to bring her into the cast (see 'Jessica Biel in Talks for JLA').