IDW Publishing has launched Jonas Publishing and its imprint Worthwhile Books to publish childrens books and develop other uses for the properties.  Two sources of material have been announced:  a licensing arrangement with UK publisher Meadowside Books and an initiative to reach out to Hollywood writers for new childrens titles. 


Worthwhile will be the exclusive U.S. publisher for selected Meadowside titles, and will also have U.S. film and TV rights on those properties.  The first two titles are Michael Recycle, by Ellie Bethel, and William's Dinosaurs, by Alan Baker.


Reaching out to Hollywood writers is probably a good idea right now, as there are a lot of talented people with time on their hands for as long as the WGA strike continues.  Authors signed include Robert Kurtz, who also is VP and creative director of Worthwhile; David Weiss, a writer on Shrek 2, Jimmy Neutron:  Boy Genius, and both Rugrats movies; David Sacks, a writer/producer on the Simpsons and a writer on 3rd Rock; Dava Savel, writer on Grace Under Fire, Will & Grace, and exec producer of That's So Raven; and David Steinberg, producer on Meet the Robinsons, Home on the Range, and Cats Don't Dance.