Fantasy Flight Games has announced an October release for the Revised 4th Edition of the Talisman Board Game (MSRP $49.95).  2008 marks the 25th anniversary of this fan favorite magical quest board game and FFG’s revised version adds 14 highly detailed plastic figures (toads included), a revision of the rules, and upgraded components all around. Upon the launch of the Revised 4th Edition, FFG will also make available an upgrade kit, which will include the new plastic figures, revised rules and cards, for those who purchased Games Workshop’s 4th Edition of Talisman, which was released in October of 2007. 


The 4th Edition of Talisman was based primarily on the 2nd Edition of the game, which was considered more popular with gamers than the 3rd Edition. It remains to be seen where Fantasy Flight, which has loads of experience creating board games, will take Talisman, which it acquired earlier this year along with the rights to Games Workshop’s RPGs and card games (see “FFG Gets Games Workshop’s RPGs, Card and Board Games”).


FFG has also announced that “a plethora of expansions” for Talisman are in the works.  The first of these, the Death and Glory Expansion (MSRP $19.95) is slated for release by Christmas 2008.