Devil’s Due Publishing has struck a deal with Digital Manga Publishing to bring original Vampire Hunter D comics to American audiences in a typical monthly American style comic book series.  Details about the creative team involved and the debut date for the new series have not yet been released, but Devil’s Due has announced that the series will be entitled Vampire Hunter D: American Wasteland and will, according to Devil’s Due, “have a noticeably North American feel never before seen in the Vampire Hunter D mythos, while closely paying respect to the history of D.” 


The Vampire Hunter D property is based on a series of novels written by Hideyuki Kikuchi and illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano (both of whom will be attending the New York Anime Festival, see “Yoshitaka Amano at N.Y. Anime Festival”).  Dark Horse publishes the Vampire Hunter D novels in the U.S. (Volume 11 is due out in October), and they continue to sell better than the vast majority of manga titles released here in the States.  The Vampire Hunter D novels inspired a very influential anime feature in 1985 (and a sequel Vampire Hunter: Bloodlust in 2000).  In July of 2006 Digital Manga Publishing announced the creation of a Vampire Hunter D manga (see “Vampire Hunter D Manga”), which has also done very well (a second volume of the manga has just been released by DMP).