The Wonder Woman direct-to-DVD feature is now slated for a spring 2009 release.  Keri Russell (Waitress) will voice Wonder Woman, while Nathan Fillon (Serenity, Waitress) will do the same for Steve Trevor.  Alfred Molina will play Ares, while Virgina Madsen will voice Hippolyta and Rosario Dawson will play Artemis.  The Wonder Woman direct-to-DVD feature is an origin story based on George Perez’s reboot of the character from 1987 (see “What’s Next for DC’s Direct-to-DVD Line”).


The Wonder Woman animated feature, which is rated “PG-13,” is the fourth in a series of direct-to-DVD animated movies from DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation targeting a more mature audience than Saturday morning cartoon shows that are constrained by censorship rules designed to protect young viewers from excessive violence.