Anime Expo was able to eke out roughly a 5% increase over last year’s attendance, solid growth in a recessionary environment (especially in Los Angeles, where gas prices and the housing downturn are a bigger impact than in most cities).  An attendance of 43,000 attendees was announced, up from 41,000 last year. We had last year at 44,000 (see “Anime Expo Breaks Last Year’s Record”), but the show’s Chase Wang confirmed that the 44,000 number included professionals.  Daily turnstile attendance totaled around 103,000 this year, according to Wang. 


That means that 2006 and 2007 were roughly flat (at 41,000, see “Anime Expo Finishes Up at 41,000”). 


Anime Expo remains the largest anime show in the country and the third largest show in our categories (after San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con).  


Some exhibitors have spoken of an audience that is trending younger over the past few years, reflecting some over-all trends in the category. 


There was some recessionary/gas price impact on sales in the exhibit hall, with some dealers reporting significant sales downturns from a year ago.  Logistics were reported to be somewhat smoother than they were last year.

Next year’s Anime Expo will be held again at the Los Angeles Convention Center over the 4th of July Weekend.